Video Series for Horse Bodyworkers and Owners: 
Find out how you can find and fix the real problem. Stop fixing compensations over and over again.

Four Video Series

The Video Training Series includes four free videos with Dr. Tucker.  Each are 10-18 minutes long.  

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It’s not what you think

Have you ever heard that a horse should move like a snake?  You will in the “Barrels & Wiggles” video.

The foundation is not the feet.

“No foot, no horse”, right?  While this is true, it's what causes the feet to grow crooked that needs to be fixed. 

We’re fixing the wrong thing

We work so hard to eliminate pain and inflammation.  That’s not wrong.   But pain and inflammation are just clues to the hidden culprit.

About Dr. Tucker

Dr. Tucker is a holistic equine veterinarian.  She is certified in chiropractic, acupuncture, and is the creator of the Tucker BioKinetic Technique.  

Her bestselling book, Where Does My Horse Hurt? empowers horse owners to free their horse from performance and behavior problems.

About Tucker BioKinetic Technique

Created by Dr. Tucker, The Tucker BioKinetic Technique (TBT) is an energetic alignment modality.   Horses respond with excellent results.  TBT works by connecting with BioKinetic MasterPoints.  TBT "informs" the neurovascular, musculoskeletal and other systems, that the new alignment is taking place.  Thus, muscle memory is eliminated; saving repeat misalignments and repetitive treatments.


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(For non-professionals too!)

This free video training series is for both Bodyworker professionals, and non-professionals.  After all, we all "work" on our horses bodies, even if it's just grooming.   Throw in a few extra techniques and your horse will love you (even more!).  :)