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Would you like to become a TBT Affiliate?

We absolutely love working with individuals to promote the healing benefits of Tucker BioKinetic Technique. If you love TBT as much as we do and would like to become an Affiliate, please see below for further information.

Like good friends,
but better.

The TBT affiliate program is a new way to join forces
with the Tucker Biokinetic Technique community.
You'll build a side revenue stream while simply
recommending TBT courses
you already know to be solid and reliable.

Become an Affiliate

Copy, Paste, Send, Earn.

With our newly revamped TBT affiliate program, earning commission is easier than ever. We give you compete access to the marketing campaign that we ourselves use to spread the word about TBT courses.

TBT Affiliate

Join a Movement

Be part of the change from the ground up

Affiliate Details and Requirements

Please review the following carefully, including downloading and reading the Terms and Conditions prior to applying to the Affiliate Program.

  • You must have your own horse-related website.
  • When your clients and customers go to your website, they electronically receive a "cookie."  That cookie expires in 30 days.
  • Your clients and customers carry the "cookie" to the TBT online store.  When they purchase a commissioned product, your "cookie" is registered and you receive the commission.
  • You are responsible for advertising and promoting TBT, but you may do so anyway you like!  Online, emails, local horse groups, facebook, barn meetings, lots of ways.   
  • TBT will pay the Affiliate a 50% commission on sales purchase via their Affiliate cookie.
  • TBT will provide an Affiliate Success Package which includes branded graphics, selling points, emails with keys to success and more.
  • TBT will provide a private page for the Affiliate to track their sales on.
  • Affiliates are paid Quarterly on the 15th of Jan, Apr, July, Oct for sales made by the first of the previous month.  (This allows time for any refunds to be processed)
Download and Read the Terms and Conditions

Apply to the TBT Affiliate Program

Best commission in the biz

50% commission on all horse courses!
This includes ALL stand-alone courses that are not solely part of TBT University. That is, TBT University Modules are not part of affiliate commission, but all other courses, ebooks, and pdf's are included.
TBT Affiliate

"The TBT affiliate program is an outstanding way to introduce your friends, colleagues, and your tribe to Tucker BioKinetic. It will make their life (and their horses lives!) so much better and healthier, while creating a solid revenue stream for you."

~Holiday H - Online Horse Researcher 

Renee Tucker, DVM, Equine Health Solutions, P.C., PO Box 4134, Burbank, CA 91503


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