Dr. Tucker's Consulting Corner

Get your horse questions answered from Renee Tucker, DVM.

What's the Consulting Corner?

Graduates of Dr. Tucker's Advanced Seminars will have access to her twice a month, and via Facebook to have questions answered.

What Do You Get?

Consult Corner includes two, 1.5 hour calls twice per month with Dr. Tucker. Members are permitted one case per call, giving them two cases per month to get personalized help from Dr. Tucker with.

Cases are posted to Facebook before 24 hours ahead of each call. Any cases not gone over in the call, will be answered via Facebook.

All calls are recorded, and all recordings are sent out to Consult Corner members to download/review.

1) You log into Zoom

When you join the Consulting Corner,  you'll be given a direct link to Dr. Tucker's online meeting room. You may use your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

2) During the meeting

During the call, cases and topics are covered from selected questions from our Consulting Corner Facebook page. 

3)  Consulting Corner Schedule

The time of the consulting corner varies, but is always twice per month.  We rotate times each month to allow people from all around the globe to have an opportunity to join.

If you can't make it, don't worry! The sessions are recorded. The recordings are available for 7 days for viewing or download.

4) Online Community

Members enjoy access to a private Facebook group where they are able to post questions that Dr. Tucker will answer personally. Any questions that may not get answered during a call, will be answered here. 

Consult Corner Plus

Consult Corner Plus includes everything Consult Corner does (two calls/two cases per month, and access to our private Facebook group), plus an additional six cases per month.

Your first two cases will be posted via Facebook and answered normally, either via the Zoom call, or on Facebook. Your remaining six cases will be emailed directly to Dr. Tucker for answering.

Who can join & what's the cost?

Who can join?

The Consulting Corner is open only to those individuals who have graduated from an Advanced Tucker BioKinetic Seminar.

Advanced Graduates $79/month

Your membership gives you access to Dr. Tucker via Zoom calls twice per month, as well as access to our private Facebook group.

Consult Corner Plus $199/month

Up to eight personalized cases a month. Two via Zoom calls/Facebook, and six via direct email with Dr. Tucker.

How to Incorporate Fees

Please understand that Consult Corner should NOT cause a financial drain on you. Instead, it should be reflected in your prices/services offered to your clients. You are a Tucker BioKinetic Specialist. It is an extra service you can offer to your clients, and you can charge a consulting fee.

For example: an inexpensive radiological consult would cost horse owners $50USD. Vets tell their clients they need to send their x-rays to the radiologists for a consult when the x-rays are not straightforward. Vets say, "I want to make sure we do the best thing for your horse, so I recommend a radiological consult. It's $50 extra. Would you like to do that?"

You should be able to work the price of the Consult Corner into the fees you charge your clients. It is a very reasonable to do as long as you explain the benefits of a 'consult' to your clients.

Ready to join Consulting Corner?

Join today to get the opportunity to have your questions answered by Dr. Tucker.  You may cancel at any time.

Join with $79 per month
Join with $199 per month

Renee Tucker, DVM

Equine veterinarian and author of Where Does My Horse Hurt?, Dr. Tucker travels internationally teaching her Tucker BioKinetic Technique (TBT) -- an alignment technique for horses.  


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