TBT University Modules & Tuition

To become a certified TBT Master Practitioner, all five modules with their prerequisites are required. Each module tuition is paid for separately. Please note that hands-on seminars are limited to eight students. It's ideal to plan ahead and purchase your seminar(s) as soon as possible. We don't want you to miss your desired seminar location(s).


Tucker BioKinetic Technique (TBT) Discovery

  • Module I is prerequisite for Module II.
  • Module I is online only.  Go at your own pace.
  • Module I is designed for both therapists and horse owners.  Discover signs of pain and disfunction in your horse's body and behavior.  Module I can be taken without plans to take subsequent modules.
  • Introduction to primary-cause analysis.
  • Equine behavior as related to misalignments.
  • Equine feet issues that cause misalignments.
  • Equine body asymmetry, which may be cause or effect of misalignments.
  • Equine nutrition clues
  • Body Checkup MasterClass:  based on the book, "Where Does My Horse Hurt?" by Dr. Renee Tucker.  If attending Module II, your MasterClass videos must be uploaded no later than 30 days before your seminar date.   Please see MasterClass detail page.


Tucker BioKinetic Technique (TBT) Skeletal Alignment

  • Module II is prerequisite for Module III.
  • Module II includes the Skeletal Alignment seminar.  This two-day seminar will teach you how to fully align the horse's skeleton.  
  • Module II includes the Save-Your-Suspensory online course (value $1499).
  • Module II includes continuing support after the seminar.  This support is led by senior TBT instructors in a private Facebook group (no fee).
  • Upon graduation, you will earn the title of TBT Alignment Specialist.


Tucker BioKinetic Technique (TBT) Complex Systems

  • Module III is prerequisite for Module IV.
  • Module III is online only.
  • Module III includes Fix Your Horse's Ulcer's Forever pdf Report.
  • Module III includes How teeth and current dental practices can affect body biomechanics.
  • Module III includes case report forms required for Module IV.
  • Module III includes review forms required for Module IV.


Tucker BioKinetic Technique (TBT) Functional Alignment

  • Module IV is prerequisite for Module V.
  • Module IV includes the Functional Alignment seminar.  This two day hands-on seminar will teach you how to go beyond skeletal alignment to full functional body alignment including viscera.
  • Module IV includes continuing support after the seminar.  There is free support on FB led by senior instructors.  In addition, Module IV graduates are allowed to participate in Consult Corner with Dr. Tucker.
  • Upon graduation, you will earn the title of TBT Practitioner.


Tucker BioKinetic Technique (TBT) Multi-layered Alignment

  • Module V includes the Multi-layered Alignment  seminar.  This two day hands-on seminar will teach you how to align body components that are intertwined.
  • Module V graduates are allowed to participate in Master Practitioner Mastermind with Dr. Tucker.
  • Upon graduation, you will earn the title of TBT Master Practitioner.

TBT University Tuition

Estimated prices for each module are below.
Base module prices may increase* for international travel and for seminars taught by Dr. Tucker. Please see seminar page for details.


Module I   --    $ 299 usd

Module II*  -- $1997 usd

Module III  --   $ 199 usd

Module IV* --  $1997 usd 

Module V*  -- $1997 usd


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