Tucker BioKinetic Technique

What is Tucker BioKinetic?

Tucker BioKinetic is an alignment modality.  If you want to align horses bodies, this is it.  It is not a form of chiropractic.  It is more energetical in nature.

What does it do?

Tucker BioKinetic engages BioKinetic MasterPoints to "coax" the bones of the horse to realign correctly.  A very gentle treatment, horses love it.  

Who is it for?

The BioKinetic Seminars are for horse owners and/or bodyworkers.  Any experience level is welcome.  Please note that the online MasterClass is a prerequisite for the Seminar.

2019 TBT Seminars registration now open

Seminars are very small, with personalized instruction from Dr. Tucker. They fill up very quickly. To see if a Seminar is open for registration now, click below. If available, you will see countries to choose from (towards the middle of the page). If unavailable, you will see a red banner at the top saying "Seminars Registration Closed".

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