Suspensory Injury Top 3 Rehab Suggestions

Avoid rehab mistakes -- of suspensory injuries or any kind -- with these three tips:


Getting a lot of questions about rehab for suspensory injuries!  Here’s my top 3 suggestions:

#1  Don’t start rehab until your horse is ready to start rehab

How do you know?  Several signs of healing:

  • No heat
  • No swelling
  • No limping
  • Standing without placing leg forward.
  • <maybe> ultrasound improvements
  • No pain upon touch or squeezing suspensory
  • AND….

Most IMPORTANT:   The three Fulcrums of the stay apparatus (shoulder, accessory carpal bone, and sesamoids) move properly and have no tendency to re-”stick”.    That is, if any of the three Fulcrums keep “sticking”, then there is an underlying primary cause that must be addressed.

If that underlying primary cause is not addressed, then the suspensory is in danger of renewed injury.

Don’t know what I mean by the three Fulcrums?  There’s a free video on...

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